About Us

Hello, my name is Kinsley Corley and welcome to Little Rays!

My whole life I have had a desire to own some sort of business, but I did not know exactly what. After having my son, I decided that I could put two of my passions together with one purpose and that is how Little Rays began. My first passion is to help those around me. My second passion is business/retail. Little Rays combines both of these passions by using a portion of its sales to give to teen and single moms. We provide moms with basic necessities like diapers, wipes, formula, food, etc. Our goal is to be a "little ray" of sunshine in their life by helping them with their needs.

Little Rays would not exist WITHOUT YOU! You give with every purchase you make! That is something special! I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter so you can follow along on our journey to helping moms in need! You can sign up at the bottom right hand side of the page!

We are blessed to have you here! Happy shopping while giving!

xoxo Kinsley Corley